Pictures may be shown with options not standard

300 gal Diesel Tank Trailer

300 gal Fuel Tank Trailer comes standard with               

Axle                                                                                          1 5200lb Idler Axle      

Suspension                                                                             5 Leaf 2" Wide Double eye Spring Suspension 

Wheel                                                                                      15" 6 Hole Modular Wheels

Tires                                                                                         ST225/75D 15" 10 Ply Radial Tires    

Frame                                                                                      4" Channel Frame 

Tongue                                                                                    4" Channel Wrapped Tongue    

Coupler                                                                                   2" Bulldog Style Coupler

Jacks                                                                                        Pipe Mount Jack     

Fenders                                                                                  Diamond Plate Fenders

Lights                                                                                      Flush Mount LED Lights     

Plug                                                                                         4 Way Plug-in

Paint                                                                                        1 Coat of Primer and 2 Coats of Polyurethane  Paint (painted underneath)

Other                                                                                       1 Baffle in the Middle 

                                                                                                 2" Fitting in front passenger side on bottom of Tank 

                                                                                                 1 1/2" Drain in the back centered

                                                                                                 Receiver Hitch     

                                                                                                 2 - 2" Fill Ports on top of tank 1 in front 1 in back with Ventable Cap

                                                                                                 3 Arms on passenger side of Tank    

                                                                                                 Extended Tongue with extra supports ready for D.E.F Setup

Dimension of the Tank                                              
72” Long
44” Wide
28” High

Available Colors                                                      










Other Options                                                                              

25 gal Stainless Steel Tank 24" L  17"  H 16" W

50 gal Stainless Steel Tank 36" L 21" H 18" W

75 gal Stainless Steel Tank 38" L 22" H 22" W

100 gal Stainless Steel Tank 44" L 26" H 22" W

D.E.F. Pump

Solar Kit(Toolbox,Battery,Trickle Charger Solar, Panel)

Standard Toolbox

Front Tool Cabinet 

Back Tool Cabinet 24"L x 60"W x 40" w/barn Doors

30 GPM Gas Engine Pump

20 GPM Fillright Pump Kit w/12' Hose

Automatic Nozzle 

20' Hose upgrade

50' 1" Spring Retracktable Hose Reel  

Interstate Battery

7 Way Receiver Plug 

Spare Tire Mount

Digital Flow Meter